Melissa Talbot

Melissa Talbot is a simple yet complex person. She’s a multi-talented director, producer, and graphic designer. As general manager of Okane Media Group she has overseen many projects locally and nationally including film, television, books, magazines and other forms of mass media. She is mostly known for her role as director/producer of SwitchplayTV, which was one of the longest running and highest rated independent shows on the WB, which has birthed a hilarious improv sketch comedy live show “Switchplay Live” which has had much success over these past 8 years along with great stage productions such as “HE SAID, SHE SAID” and “CHEATERS” written by Dennis L Reed II, co-written by Karl King and “WHEN A WOMAN LOVES” and “THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD” written by Karl King, “EYES OF DECEPTION” executive produced by Mark Hunter.

Melissa is a very modest woman and her first rule is never to bad mouth anyone in business, but contest that the work speaks for itself so without a single utterance you live or die by your own commitment…or lack thereof. The thing that she is most grateful for is her “TEAM” without them none of this would be possible. She is totally committed to each and every project and gives 110% or nothing at all. Though she has made many accomplishments in her career, if asked she’ll tell you her greatest achievement was changing from where she was to who she is today. A loving wife, mother, friend and business woman…and never losing perspective of the importance of each. She personally would like to thank everyone for their continuous support in all of her endeavors and would like to ask everyone for a favor…”SMILE, EVEN WHEN YOU FEEL YOU HAVE NO REASON TO” and “LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST”!! God Bless Everyone!!

  • Switchplay TV – Director/Producer
  • Switchplay Live! – Producer
  • He Said, She Said – Director/Producer
  • Cheaters – Director/Producer
  • When A Woman Loves – Director/Producer
  • There Goes The Neighborhood – Director/Producer
  • Eyes Of Deception – Director/Producer
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  • Official Graphic Designer and Event Planner for Raw Voyces
  • Lead Graphic Designer for Custom Whipz Magazine
  • Official Graphic Designer for Selfmeyi
  • Graphic Designer
  • Live Event Co-Ordinator
  • Film/Television/Stage Producing
  • Directing
  • Photo Director
  • Artist Development